New publication: People with dementia and carers online discussing surveillance

Great news: our latest article is out NOW ! People with dementia and carers online discussing surveillance can be read on the following link.  Thats right,…… Read more “New publication: People with dementia and carers online discussing surveillance”


Exploring perceptions of dementia in Pakistan


Ageing Issues

Here in the UK we are becoming more familiar with dementia. There are television adverts alerting us that dementia can happen to anyone, increasing numbers of shops are sticking Dementia Friendly labels in their windows, and the Alzheimer’s Society recently announced that they have reached 2 million Dementia Friends.

All of this means that as a society, we are (hopefully) getting better at recognising the signs and symptoms of dementia, and being more understanding when we meet somebody who has dementia. The Dementia Friends initiative originally started in Japan and has made great progress around the world, including in low-and-middle-income countries (see, for example, Dementia Friends Nigeria). However, there are still many countries where there is wide scope for improvement. Our current research project focuses on one of these countries: Pakistan.

In Pakistan there is limited awareness among the general public about dementia and it is often believed to…

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