Tracker watch found to be dangerous

Stumbled upon an interesting article describing how watch trackers used on children are actually dangerous: 

Trackers can be used to monitor and track the location of a person so that a carer can intervene as appropriate to increase safety. These trackers are often used on children and people living with dementia.

Quite a contradiction that trackers used for safety reasons are actually considered to be dangerous. Why dangerous?  The article describes how the data gathered by such trackers can be breached. In other words, cybercriminals can have access to this data.

Get Safe Online’s Tim Mitchell said“We always warn consumers about the importance of security on internet-connected products, but this instance is particularly poor as ironically, a product advertised to help children safe is the very thing that could place them in danger.”


1 report advertisements on websites

I also would like to stress that knowing someone’s location does not make them “safer”. People with dementia, and in this case children, can be at risk no matter what. How does it help that you know their location, and they are about to cross a dangerous street while you are miles away? Great job marketing and saying these are “safety increasing technologies”.

The article also described:

Mitchell continued: “Even a look at the website might make you think twice about the company’s integrity, as it’s littered with poor spelling and grammar and doesn’t even seem to contain contact details.

Well, that’s exactly what I have been saying about trackers (surveillance technology) sold to be used ON people living with dementia. Recently, I published an acadamic paper on this describing how websites sell surveillance technology (including poor spelling on dodgy webshops).

Also, I’ve made a short report about how surveillance products are marketed and sold online. The report briefly describes what is marketed in terms of price, safety, independence, privacy, and intended users. The report also provides tips for consumers to help inform them before making any purchase decisions!

Click here for the report.


A report advertisements on websites
Preview – click here for the report

The question remains how can we keep people with dementia and children safe?


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