All in Dutch – Back to my roots

Can’t really share any new research experiences on this (yet) because it’s all in Dutch! Yes you read that right. In June I started my secondment back in the Netherlands.

Altough we Dutchies like to speak English – and yes we can – the work I do is all written in Dutch. So would it mean anything if I said I’m adding new articles on the website  “tips bij het kiezen van gps-systemen#? Probably not. With the exception of the word gps ofcourse.

Sounds a bit negative but it’s actually amazing to be collaborating with a fast pace organisation. Especially on a broad national level where family carers, professional carers and people with dementia can find information about dementia.


Today I realised how I missed the fast-pace (some would it even call dutch-directness but I attest that) . In academia things can take ages (let’s not start about the ethical approval process!). Now I write an article and it’s published the same day.

I’ve started answering questions from the public about gps and dementia.

At this webpage people can ask me all sort of questions about gps, but also read articles about it. For example, when and how you should use gps. I found it very important to mention that such technologies should be discussed together before any purchase takes place. You don’t want to buy something that will never be used or doesn’t fit your needs. I’ve also added articles with tips on where to look for and espcially what to look OUT for when purchasing gps. Yes yes tricky marketeers watch out – knowledge is power.

Amazing opportunity to be in immediate contact with the people who are part of my research: people interested in knowing more about surveillance technology and how it can help (or not) people living with dementia.

More great news, I’ve conducted my first focus group! Speaking of, I should go back to my recruitment work for the rest of the discussions. Oh right – again it’s all in Dutch.

No worries, I will translate the results into English!

Final remark  the travelling might seem exciting and yes it is a privilige. In reality however….delay delay delay – wait  wait wait

N.EU confirms flight delay compensation.SM_



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