Conference season is over

Yes conference season is over for now. Had the opportunity, no let me rephrase that, privilege to attend and present at 5 different occasions.

milton keynes conference
Digital Health & Well Being Conference – Open University

Gave a talk about online shopping for surveillance safety. Safety products that claim to support dementia care. But also attended a masterclass where I could ‘test’ my own research design with reactions from my peers, and (very) experiences Gerontechnology experts. My audiences consisted out of researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, and most importantly carers and people living with dementia.

Alzheimer Society Conference

The next phase has started which is recruitment of participants for my group discussions about surveillance, the media and empowerment. Can’t wait to be back in the Netherlands again and get things started!

My discussions will be similar to the “Elders react” video’s which you can find online by the Fine Brothers. 

in July, I’ll be on the road again to Manchester for the British Society of Gerontechnology conference. Will be part of a symposium about POWER, ageing, and technology. Yes you read that correctly: WHO HAS THE POWER WHEN IT COMES TO AGEING? For all you Foucault lovers, this will be your cup of tea.

PS I highly recommend to watch this channel it’s hilarious! 

Save to say that I met my goal of conferences this year.



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