Podcast about involving people with dementia

podcast recording


Researcher – as part of a new service by NIHR, I was able to join the ECRDementia podcast about involving people with dementia and carers in to research. The NIHR helps Early Career Dementia Researchers network to collaborate & get the support they need. The new website will be launched any day now so will let you know when it is online (I promise!)


podcast 2
Luckily Adam made some behind the scene snap shots!

The whole recording was actually fun and a great opportunity to meet fellow researchers in this field. We talked about ethics, language,  involvement, challanges and just what it means for us to do research in dementia. About language, I would like to stress that words such as SUFFERER, PATIENT ZERO, BURDEN, WANDERER are a no go! Yes, I refer in this podcast to WANDERING, because the media constantly portrays people with dementia as WANDERS. Anyway, just listen to the whole podcast …that’s all I’m saying

Thank you ECRDementia for having me,  Amy Monaghan for chairing, Adam Smith for arrangements, also Kellie Morrissey and Tim Rittman for sharing their experiences.



2 thoughts on “Podcast about involving people with dementia

  1. I just wandered onto your Blog: great that you are challenging such unhelpful terminology. There is a Dementia Conference taking place here soon organised by Dementia Champions, social workers: there is a long way to go!


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