INDUCT Mid-term review & training




What a busy and exciting week we had at the 3rd INDUCT winter school held in Witten Germany. From fellow boards, project presentations to organising a speed date for the network session. Also let’s not forget the mid term review!

These schools are the perfect opportunity to learn more, get together and present our own research.

Learn more

Well there was plenty to learn. We had several sessions with diverse subjects regarding dementia & technology research. Personally, I loved the session about Qualitative methods & how to get access to the experiences of people with Dementia. Professor Nygård (my brilliant former supervisor in Stockholm) presented her experiences of involving people with dementia. Ms Rohra then gave recommendations from her perspective as someone living with dementia and being involved in research. Don’t patronize but validate a person!

Get together

Why? Because when your colleagues are all over Europe you don’t see them so often. Especially all together at the same time.

Present more

Again we all had the opportunity to present our work or to be active in organising a session at the training. I really enjoyed organising together with Joeke (VU amsterdam) the speed date network session. It was hilarious ringing that alarm every 3 minutes and see everyone chatting and running around because it was too short!

Last but not least; the mid-term review. Our reviewer was very impressed by our international group and involving people with dementia in our research (not only as participants). However we should bare in mind that we should involve people with dementia with all sort of stages. Also, use lay language and involve the public. This reminded me: I should blog more often!!

However, another thing   I learned there is never enough time

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