Conference: Safety for Sale video

Finally, the video from the British Society of Gerontology is online.  As promised I would share with you what I’ve presented at Swansea University.

The BSG placed the video on their Ageing Bites Youtube Channel, but you can also find it here:


At the conference I’ve presented some of the following slides:

the marketing of increasing safety

This is not to sugar coat wandering and the surrounding risks. What I am trying to say is there is a real fear of wandering and the belief that it should be managed but then the believe is that, technology, could manage wandering and thus increase safety.

This together has led to the marketing of ST as a means of ‘increasing safety’,

The marketing messages send to consumers are about safety. In addition, Katz (2006) and Monahan (2006) found that ST is often associated as a tool to manage children or prisoners.

tool to manage children or prisoners

If we look at the website from Adiant Solutions Australia, (2017) , we see that they communicate that their trackers are the solution for several categories. The solution for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as this particular page shows ‘ those wandering’ . Then you see other categories which are described further when you click on it. People with dementia are put into a category of wanderer’s next to tracking dogs, cats, property,

safetrack gps canada

Another example is Safe Tracks GPS Canada Inc., (2016) is also presented as product number one for those who might wander.  Their website also includes many categories. Other categories that their GPS is number 1 for senior safety and for PTSD safety.

Another  example is from

focus on those who wander

Further I quote the website from, GTX Corp, (2017a) and their American product GPS SmartSole declare that they have the best tracking solution for those who wander. Basically ‘all those who might wander off’, which surely becomes a perfect safety fit for all consumers.

amazon and youre done


So what is your reaction as an audience?

Do you see marketing messages like this?

Is it a bad or a good thing?


Another great figure from the GPS Tracker webshop



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