Presenting at the BSG conference – Swansea

Thursday the 6th of July I’ll be presenting at the

The British Society of Gerontology 46th Annual Conference, Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University,

Do Not Go Gentle – Gerontology and a Good Old Age

The Art of Ageing

It has been a while since I presented some work. But I am very excited to present my work on surveillance technologies, dementia care and the media messages involved. Especially, now I’m moving into a new research field: Gerontology!

For the link to the conference click here 

I’ll be explaining what I have found regarding the media messages send about surveillance, dementia and wandering. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I started looking for ‘terrible advertisements’ that portray older adults or people with dementia in a certain way. With my interest in how media might impact people and many hours surfing on the web for surveillance advertisements, I did find some good one’s!

(Not that they were hard to find though)

Can’t say much about it, because that would mean that I’m already doing the presentation on here. However, there are some marketing messages that, not only are they very amateuristic, but entail some very noticeable stereotypes.

Here is a little hint:

Maybe something else is the problem

I’ll be discussing distressing behaviours in relation to surveillance.

Especially, how surveillance is used with wandering or falls.


So hopefully I see some interesting work next week!

I’ll close off with some other hints:

Excellent Photoshop skills by the way






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