Moving into a new field: Social Gerontology

I have been trying to move into a new ‘discipline’ and started drawing upon theories from Social Gerontology. When you research dementia and technology, it is quite hard NOT to talk about aging. Aging, however, can be perceived in many ways. For example, seeing old age in negative terms that relate to disease and disability (Andrew Sixsmith, 2013).


In social gerontology many discussion is about the model  of successful aging from Rowe & Kahn, (1987). Successful aging is where older adults avoid disease and disability, maintain their cognitive and physical functions, and socially engage.

First thing that came to my mind ….ohh noo bombarded with those stereotypes again…



No surprise that this model has received many critiques. Many of the critiques contain the element that the voices from older adults are often excluded (Martinson & Berridge, 2015). Critiques I certainly have to ‘dive in deeper’.


This leaves us to certain questions: does this entail that people with dementia do not age successfully? what about people who have early-onset dementia? What kind of role has technology in this?

Quite interesting to view this all from a different perspective. I know that with my marketing/consumer perspective, I tend to see everything from the ‘where is the sales pitch‘ kind of side.

Hopefully, these questions and answers will contribute to my own work on how surveillance could impact people with dementia and family caregivers.


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