INDUCT newsletter: Research can be empowering

Remember the previous (re)-blog about ethical challenges in research? How difficult it is to involve members of the public into research? Especially, people with dementia and family caregivers?

vohiykg4Well you can read the result in the latest INDUCT newsletter Spring 2017! The newsletter features some progress stories from my colleagues from INDUCT. Also, a little piece about my work on getting ethical approval has been included (that same old same old picture of me is really annoying btw).

But, what I really wanted to blog about is that research can be empowering.

For those who have send me messages through twitter/LinkedIn/e-mail or this blog: Thank you for your input. The input about the experiences people have with using surveillance technologies, whether you are a caregiver or living with dementia, was an eye-opener. How this input can totally differ from what I have read in journals, or my own experiences for that matter. Please feel free to tweet, blog or e-mail me about it.

Therefore, I am pleased to say that this input was so valuable that soon I will have a new announcement. Hint hint: involvement in research and having your voice heard, not as a participant, but as an….can be empowering —-




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