I’m in the Alzheimer Europe’s newsletter

Hello everyone,

I’m very please to inform you that a piece about my research is included in the latest Alzheimer Europe’s newsletter. The March 2017 edition gives a description about my research on page 7.

Click here to be directed to the newsletter.

My aim is to involve people with dementia and family caregivers into my research about surveillance technology and empowerment.

Surveillance technologies, such as GPS products, are increasingly used in dementia care. The growing surveillance market promotes products that increase safety, track people with dementia who wander, and support the caregiver. Many discussion is about how surveillance invades privacy, or safety is chosen over autonomy.

From the literature review it became clear that also other issues are overlooked. Often surveillance products do not support individual needs, are unreliable, poorly designed, and do not aid with other behaviours. Yet, these products are seen as the solution for supporting dementia care.

But why do I want to involve people with dementia and family caregivers?

As advisors in this research:

Advisors, either a person living with dementia or a family caregivers, are invited to describe their point of view and thoughts on this research. Hereby, advisors will be consulted and asked for support with the design and realization of this research. For instance, views on surveillance and how to categorize these products are wanted. Another example could be supporting with the preparations for recruitment of individuals as participants.

Quote to myself

As participants in discussions

This research will also ask individuals to join focus group discussions to find out:

  • What do people with dementia and caregivers need in surveillance?
  • What are impacts of using surveillance?


The research is also about

  • How and if current surveillance products support needs
  • How surveillance products can better support care.
  • How surveillance products  impact people living with dementia and caregivers.
  • How surveillance products  are used and sold.



With more information about surveillance and a raised awareness of needs, people can make informed choices. Also by giving people a say in this research they can make demands for dementia-friendly designs.

Win-Win situation

When people get access to products designed to their needs while distributors sell designs that improve care.



  • Empowered Citizens
  • Researchers encouraged to further investigate dementia care and technology
  • Designers encouraged to develop dementia-friendly designs
  • Policymakers to aid for, and health-care professionals to distribute dementia-friendly products.


Want more information or participate in this research? Please see the INDUCT website ESR 1.




2 thoughts on “I’m in the Alzheimer Europe’s newsletter

  1. Well done for widening the understanding about your work. I’m not sure if I’ve signed up to participate, please let me know if I haven’t. Maureen is responding well to the doors being flung open here: postiive risk taking is paying dividends as you will see from my Blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Yes i’ve been reading your blog with interest! Sometimes I get lost in my own thinking that putting trackers on people living with dementia is immoral or continue to ridicule the designs. However, reading and hearing other people’s experiences is so mind-opening. But then again all depending on the context and at what risk people are!

      So yes your input is always welcome!


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