The Importance of Being Media Literate in Today’s Society

Especially in today’s society this is a good lesson! #FakeNews #MediaLiteracy

Euan Findlater

Fake news is not a new phenomenon, however, the importance of being media literate is increasingly paramount in our evolving media and news environment that is becoming dominated by social media.

6641427981_6296af68e1Andie Tucher, a historian and journalism professor at Columbia University says that: “People have not yet sorted out in their minds how they’re going to incorporate [social media] into their news stream,” Furthermore, people may believe social media fake news because it seems to be “more magical, more interesting or even more authoritative because it seems more unmediated.”

A recent study conducted by Stanford University has found that students, from middle school to college, lack a sufficient understanding of how to evaluate information on social media and are thus more prone to accept fake news. To me, this is a shocking revelation. Due to the exponential use of social media in our society, students of this generation…

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