Ways to preserve selfhood and safety

Good read on selfhood and safety and choosing between ‘ the lesser of two evils ‘

The DAWN Method

Dementia causes memory and rational thought losses. Losing rational thought means losing skills such as the ability to perceive cause and effect, prioritize information or actions, or follow the steps of a task. The result is poor decision-making and intermittent selfcare, putting safety at risk.

How can we help our loved ones who have dementia stay safe? Here are a few techniques that we use here at DAWN.

Pick your battles. Whether it’s a toddler, spouse, friend, or someone experiencing dementia that we’re with, no one enjoys being repeatedly told what to do. As dementia caregivers, we have to find ways to support autonomy. It helps to keep in mind that not everything is truly a danger. Many things are merely undesirable, unpleasant, or unnecessary.

Decide at the start of the day that your goal is to give your loved one maximum freedom to do what s/he wants and to…

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