Media Literacy Education: Do we have to?

Food for thought! I’m always happy to apply media literacy!


As teachers we are in a constant dilemma of how to best use our time in the classroom. We must deliver a curriculum that excites, engages and meets the needs of our diverse students whilst simultaneously linking it to national requirements and assessments. The dilemma of what we include is continuous and not for the fainthearted. We often fight to priortise key learning areas and somehow manage to skim the surface of other learning areas. Some we barely do justice to. Lets face it, the fight is real. It exists beyond you as an individual teacher and school. In fact, research illustrates that this happens internationally across the teaching profession. Teachers grapple to remain true to the learning areas and competencies they hold so dear, the areas they know develop the whole child while juggling the increasing demands of National Standards, which require us to document, collect, assess, annotate on…

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