Training week

I’m so lucky with my current work and having the opportunity to go to a training week, all about: one guess: Dementia and Technology!

Very interesting things are happening not only in research but in the technology world as well. Not perse surveillance designs, but simple apps or websites could already make a difference.

Today I’m listening to Alzheimer’s Disease International and having a discussion about global dementia policy, leading to many tweets, feeds and so on Twitter INDUCT

Yesterday I’ve heard and seen amazing things when it comes to technology and dementia. Obviously with a little bit of pride for my home country  The Netherlands  and how organizations are currently implementing several dementia-friendly strategies. For example creating accessible platforms for family caregivers such as;


A website and an App that includes blogs from caregivers


Or the innovative company Silverfit that creates Exergames that support older adults keeping fit (and having fun!!)

Silverfit: AloisDEN HAAG - SILVERFIT

A lot of information to gather but it makes me proud to be a Dutchie!

But I have to get back to The World Health Organization, who’s next for giving a presentation: Excited!



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