Caring during the hollidays

With the holidays around the corner, I’ll be trading London for Amsterdam!


For me personally the holidays have never been that great. Christmas for me was working in the restaurant and serving those many ‘happy’ drinks.

Nowadays I’ve traded serving dishes and drinks for research. But do you hear me complain? No!


I’ve always been aware that many people work during the holidays. Luckily not always unnoticed. Sometimes people share these images of ‘Thank you nursing / hospital staff for working during the holidays


What I would like to add is thank you people taking care of their loved one’s. Home care professionals, family caregivers, friends and many  more! Keep up the good work and for the people who are lonely, and or receive no good care with the holidays, hopefully this time of the year isn’t extra hard on you.  Let’s improve care together!


Best wishes and happy days for those caring everyday


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