Looking for those terrible ads about older adults

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I’m having some difficulties finding old stuff or rather called ‘vintage’ commercials that target or include older adults, or stereotypes of grandpa’s and grandma’s….you know commercials that for one seems so funny, while the other despises it!

Or just silly video’s like:Commercial Windows Microsoft Grandparents

Why you say? Well for my research I’m also looking at the Marketing side of all that is connected to Dementia and Technology. This is more fun than  it sounds though….

For example vintage Marlboro posters140b106c4c66ae26e48894352c87a7e4

Made me laugh so hard! This is not really what my research covers but just to give you an idea  what I’m looking for.

So basically ridiculous ads from the past or current commercials. I mean common are you a better mom when you smoke? NO… but it does present the ideology from that time.

Or one of my favorites:


Yes let’s all take pills to become a pleasant family what can go wrong? Indeed a lot, but did they know that at that time?

While I was searching for vintage / old commercials about older adults, dementia or even technology like in the 80’s and 90’s, I didn’t come across that many commercials. That can already mean something though…something which I’ll probably blog about later.

Yet for today,  I keep on surfing online to find some more commercials, good laughs, stereotypes, or even upsetting one’s.

See you later alligator




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