First blog: Research and writing about Dementia

This blog is created for the sole purpose of writing about the fine lines that occur between Research and the Reality behind Dementia. I’m not stating, that scientific research isn’t real. Instead, I’ll be writing about which learning moments I’ve gained from scientific research and connect these to my own personal experiences. No worries, I will not write a whole thesis on each subject. But sometimes you just want to be blunt and have witty comments. Hence this blog, to talk about subjects happening in Dementia Research and my thoughts linked to past experiences.

My personal experiences have given me knowledge about aging, dementia and technology ‘solutions’, without me knowing it at first. For example, I’ve read articles about how Telecare and specifically designed home alarms and doorbells, were such a perfect solution for older adults who had hearing problems.

Reality Check? 


Well, I’ve worked in home care and cleaned the homes (of usually) disabled older adults. Found out that the fancy doorbell with 10 buzzers and multiple flashing lights didn’t help the client to open. Instead it gave the lady such a scare, I had to call the office because the client wouldn’t open the door! Luckily, the neighbour had a key and everything turned to be alright. This is just one of the many examples I have to connect to current research and what is happening in the market of ‘Agin111g’ (Yes a lot of quotation marks will be used here).

What are day to day things that happen when wanting to care for people living with dementia?

What are the technological solutions actually doing?

More importantly, what are your thoughts and past/current experiences about this?


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